Breathe Clean Set

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Every day, we inhale harmful chemicals inside our homes from indoor air pollution and dust, as well as from chemical cleaners, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Breathe cleaner with Norwex!

  • Our bendable EnviroWand is a great alternative to chemical-laden sprays and single-use dusting pads. It’s great cleaning around furniture, under the fridge, and all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies a breeze.
  • Remove 99% of bacteria from stainless steel surfaces with only water* using our Stainless Steel Cloth. It gets both large and small appliances, stovetops and more streak-free and gleaming with just a quick swipe—no harsh cleansers required.
  • Made of 100% wool our Fluff and Tumble Dryer balls help reduce drying time, static cling and wrinkles, all naturally, without chemicals. Use them instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  • Our highly concentrated Bathroom Cleaner formula safely cleans toilets, basins and most other hard bathroom surfaces without strong fumes, leaving them sparkling clean with minimal effort.
  • This two-in-one Bathroom Scrub Mitt has microfiber on one side and scrub mesh on the other to easily removes the most resistant dirt and grime.


The Breathe Clean Set includes:


*When following proper care and use instructions.





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