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Suzanne, Curtis & Jake Holt

Suzanne, Curtis & Jake Holt


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Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Sprayer
Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Sprayer
Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Sprayer
Item#: 2120

Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Sprayer


This deep-cleaning dish duo tackles your toughest of baked-on messes and more in a sustainable way. One 6 fl. oz. bottle of BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate makes three full Forever Bottles. This plant- and enzyme-based concentrate easily powers away baked-on food, grease and stains with just a pump or spray, and treats your hands and the environment with care.

Set includes:

  • 1 BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate
  • 1 Forever Bottle with Sprayer
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  • Problem & Solution

    BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate


    Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to run a sink full of water for just a few hand-washable dishes, fine china or even grimy bakeware? You need a sprayable, concentrated solution that easily dissolves away grease and grime—and of course it must be formulated with the environment in mind.


    Our powerful, plant- and enzyme-based dishwashing concentrate completely breaks down food particles, fat, stains and more, leaving dishes sparkling clean and your hands soft and moisturized. Best of all, it’s super-concentrated to maximize your cleaning power while reducing plastic packaging.

    Forever Bottle with Sprayer


    All those aerosol cans and plastic bottles near your sinks and in your cabinets may be convenient, but at what cost? Cleaning chemicals, propellants and synthetic fragrances can pollute indoor air and jeopardize your family’s health, and plastic requires a great deal of virgin resources to produce. In addition, with more and more plastic filling our landfills, it’s time to look for a better option.


    Get your home clean and fresh-smelling without harmful chemicals or unsustainable plastic. You can choose your favorite silicone sleeve color or save with the set of all three to use throughout your home. 

  • Use & Care
    • Ensure that the bottle is clean and dry before adding liquid.
    • This product is a concentrate, so dilute before using and shake well: Add 2 fl. oz. of concentrate to the Norwex Forever Bottle with Sprayer or Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser (12–16 fl. oz. spray or pump bottle). Slowly fill with water and swish gently.
    • Spray or pump onto Norwex Microfiber, dish scrub brush or directly onto dishes. Wash. Rinse thoroughly.
    • For use only in a spray or pump bottle. Do not dilute product into a sink full of water.
    • Not for use in automatic dishwashers.

    Forever Bottle with Sprayer

    • Ensure that the bottle is clean and dry before adding liquid.
    • Unscrew the spray nozzle and fill with water or any dilutable Norwex cleaning product following dilution instructions on the product label.
    • To use with BioZyme Dish Soap Concentrate: Add 2 oz. of concentrate to the Forever Bottle. Then slowly fill with water and swish gently. For optimal results, we recommend using the diluted concentrate within 3 months.
    • To use with Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate: Mix 3 tbsp. (approximately 1.5 oz.) Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate with
    • 16 ounces of water. For optimal results, we recommend using the diluted concentrate within 6 months. Clean and dry the bottle for next use.
  • Features & Benefits


    • Perfect for washing dishes, pots, pans and more.
    • Amylase enzyme helps cut through tough stains and baked-on foods naturally.
    • Rinses spot-free without residue.
    • Ultra-concentrated—one bottle of concentrate yields three bottles of ready-to-use product.
    • Available as part of a money-saving set with the glass Forever Bottle they choose.
    • Vegan (absolutely no animal products).
    • Product not tested on animals.

    Forever Bottle

    • Helps your family breathe easier by reducing the use of harmful chemicals from aerosols and other household products scented with synthetic fragrances.
    • Each reusable, earth-friendly bottle is made from glass to reduce the use of plastic, keeping it out of our landfills.
    • Stylish, no-slip silicone sleeve comes in three shades to help you color code and organize various products.
    • Frosted glass construction allows for viewing of bottle’s contents.
    • Has a BPA-free plastic spray nozzle.
    • Can be used with water or other dilutable Norwex cleaning products, including Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate, Odour Eliminator and Bathroom Cleaner.
  • Did You Know?
    • Many natural resources are required to manufacture plastics, including liquid petroleum gases, natural gas liquids and natural gas.
    • Phthalates are EDCs—endocrine-disrupting chemicals—which are found in many air-freshening products. They can adversely affect development and reproductive systems.
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